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Governance / Risk Management Solutions
Without risk there is no reward, but without understanding your business risks you cannot maximise that reward.

AZof Solutions Risk Assessment Workshops

Interactive workshops designed to identify, quantify and address specific risk scenarios within specific areas of scope in your business. 
We can facilitate a half day workshop for a specific business area or a series of workshops to cover your entire business. These workshops deliver results fast, build understanding of your business and are actually enjoyable - making controls crusaders of your workforce will reap rewards in efficiency and opportunity.
Risk Assessment Process Methodology

Anyone in your organisation can identify risks, but the ability to identify and quantify risks consistently across your business provides the basis for sustainable risk management.

AZof Solutions can provide a structured approach to risk assessment which can be tailored to your organisation to address the agreed severity and likelihood of risks within a logical risk management lifecycle. 

Business Control Framework

Controls for controls sake is mere bureaucracy, but focus on controlling your critical business risks can mean the difference between dividends and disaster. 

We can design a framework that allows your business to concentrate the right amount of effort on the risks that demand that attention within a schedule that allows all quantified risks to be managed cost effectively.

Knowledge & Technology Solutions
If "Knowledge is Power": Knowledge Management can harness that power for your organisation.

Programme Management Solutions
Making things happen without a plan is always exciting but it doesn't always deliver what you wanted.

Personal Development / Executive Mentoring
The one true measure of leadership is anybody following.