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Knowledge & Technology Solutions
If "Knowledge is Power": Knowledge Management can harness that power for your organisation.

Knowledge Management is the process of capturing the knowledge within an organisation so that it can be learned from and re-used, saving time, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Knowledge Management is invariably linked to enabling technology, but whatever your technology platform, we have a range of solutions to make sure you make the most of IT, including:

Knowledge Audit Services
Are you making the best use of your knowledge assets?
We can determine quickly if your organisation is using its knowledge strengths and highlight the potential opportunities quickly using a tailored Knowledge Audit service.

Network Development Solutions
Without people willing to share their knowledge: nothing will happen.
We can assist in establishing and developing knowledge sharing communities by seeding solutions designed to encourage the development of content creation, sharing best practice and Thought Leadership.

Content Management Consultancy
Can you find the knowledge you need?
We can advise how to develop and maintain knowledge bases, with the right structure to aid re-use and allowing for knowledge to be continuously refreshed.

Enabling Technology Consultancy
Finding the right technology solutions can be confusing and expensive 
- Make use of our independent knowledge of the software market to provide the right cost effective solutions for your needs. 

We can provide product evaluation, integration and implementation solutions in the areas of
Search, Classification, Content Management, Document Management, Version control and Portal Infrastructure as well as services to assist Bug Tracking, System Testing, Taxonomies, Lifecycle Management and Configuration Management.

Governance / Risk Management Solutions
Without risk there is no reward, but without understanding your business risks you cannot maximise that reward.

Programme Management Solutions
Making things happen without a plan is always exciting but it doesn't always deliver what you wanted.

Personal Development / Executive Mentoring
The one true measure of leadership is anybody following.