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Personal Development / Executive Coaching
The one true measure of leadership is anybody following.

Harness, motivate and unleash the potential in your senior management team.

As a business professional in the new economy, you are faced with the challenge of achieving more, from less, and probably in a shorter time frame. You must dig deep to unleash that potential, in order to meet these challenges.

In partnership with a leading Personal Development consultancy, 
we can design team building exercises or individual mentoring sessions based on a range of innovative tools including:
Leadership Style 
There are several different leadership styles, all of which require sensitivity to the situation and a flexibility of approach in order to be effective. 
Leaders become more effective when they have a good awareness and understanding of their own and others' Personal Styles. 
This can be achieved very quickly in one coaching session, as well as developing tactics to improve communication and deepen relationships. 

Motivational Gifting 
Our personal gifting is present from birth but is not always obvious to us. It grows and matures over time as we become aware of it, use it and learn how to develop it. 

Character Index 
A 360 degree instrument measuring sixteen character traits defining personal maturity which can be developed to realise full potential.

Governance / Risk Management Solutions
Without risk there is no reward, but without understanding your business risks you cannot maximise that reward.

Knowledge & Technology Solutions
If "Knowledge is Power": Knowledge Management can harness that power for your organisation.

Programme Management Solutions
Making things happen without a plan is always exciting but it doesn't always deliver what you wanted.