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Programme Management Solutions
Making things happen without a plan is always exciting but it doesn't always deliver what you wanted.
"Only 25% of programmes deliver their business benefits? 
Gartner Research

"Programme management is the 
co-ordinated management of a portfolio of projects that change organisations to achieve benefits that are of strategic importance."
(OGC) Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)
The Stationery Office

"98% of organisations with a mature programme office reported a 100% success rate." 
KPMG Programme Management 2002 Survey
We can provide a programme office solution to make the pieces fit using our range of project management solutions, some more formal than others, to suit the extent and complexity of your project or programme of interrelated projects.

Governance / Risk Management Solutions
Without risk there is no reward, but without understanding your business risks you cannot maximise that reward.

Knowledge & Technology Solutions
If "Knowledge is Power": Knowledge Management can harness that power for your organisation.

Personal Development / Executive Mentoring
The one true measure of leadership is anybody following.